"To us the most outstanding thing that Turkey has to offer is its people."

"In 2003 we began planning our first trip to Turkey. The goal of that trip was to follow the footsteps of St. Paul as mentioned in the New Testament. Through our travel agent in Texas we were put in touch with Adelphia Tours in Istanbul. We explained where we wanted to go and we wanted to rent a car and try it on our own. They made excellent hotel reservations for us and planned our itinerary. The next year we returned with a new route and new places to see to finish finding the places where Paul established churches. Again Adelphia Tours did a superb job for us.

This year we had a more adventurous plan in mind—eastern Turkey. Mehmet suggested that it might be better this time to take a guide with us because English is not spoken to a large degree in that part of Turkey. From the day we met Bulent, our guide, in Gaziantep until we left him ten days later in Istanbul, he fulfilled our every wish and dream. We were thrilled to visit Harran, where Abraham began his journey to Cannan. We visited an archeological dig that has been dated back to 9,500 BC. The scenery in eastern Turkey is like being on a different planet—everyday there was always something new to see. The highlight or our trip was Mt. Ararat in northern Turkey. There is even a national park set aside to show the remains of Noah’s Ark.

There are not enough words to use to praise the work that Adelphia Tours has done for us. Their selection of hotels was outstanding, and our guide was constantly making our trip the most memorable that we had ever made to Turkey. To us the most outstanding thing that Turkey has to offer is its people. We had never met such warm and friendly people who were ready to help at every turn. In all we have spent nine weeks in Turkey, and during that entire period everything that Adelphia has done for us has been perfect."

Mr. & Mrs Osborn